How does this work?

We’re glad you asked! 

True Confession time: we’ve been there. We’ve had our backs up against the wall in leadership and in ministry. We’ve had those conversations with ourselves about wanting someone (maybe at times, anyone) to come in and lead through the complexity of what we’re experiencing.

But you’ve probably also discovered what we’ve discovered: as the saying goes, “everywhere you go, you turn around and there you are.”

The common factor in every good decision—AND every bad decision—you’ve ever made is you.

So, while we’d love to be able to come into your leadership, ministry, and organizational complexity with a magic wand and fix it for you, in all honesty, we can’t. 

What we can do is be a facilitator, a guide, and a coach, both to help you identify where you may be stuck and determine the best next step for you and for the ministry you lead.

How do you facilitate the Integrity Leadership pathway?

The Integrity Leadership Pathway isn’t “one size fits all,” it’s customized to the situation and needs of each leader and organization, so there’s no single, simple answer.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you and your leaders with the training, resources, and support for you to lead your ministry forward.

So facilitation involves a combination of on-site assessments and training and remote coaching and support as appropriate to your specific circumstances, location, budget, and other needs.

Who is Integrity Leadership for?

There are many different practices and beliefs when it comes to ministry and church.

At Integrity Leadership, our purpose and mission are to lead churches and leaders forward.

In spite of the rapidly changing world we live in, we believe God calls his church on mission to be FOR people.

God deeply values the unchurched and calls his church to be relentless in caring actively and compassionately for “outsiders”—not just for those within the walls of the church. (Luke 15, 2 Corinthians 5:16-21)

Integrity Leadership, therefore, is for:

  • Pastors, leaders, ministries, and churches that feel stuck, are plateaued or declining, or otherwise on the downswing side of their lifecycle (in maintenance, preservation or life support phases)—but want to move their church forward
  • Pastors, leaders, ministries, and churches, who are on the upswing side of their lifecycle (momentum growth, strategic growth, or sustained health)—but recognize structures and systems for their ministry pathway need to be defined and developed.
  • Church planters, who have a passionate vision that keeps them awake at night—but aren’t clear on how to create a path to develop vision and clarity that engages others.

How much does it cost?

In this season, Integrity Leadership and, specifically, the training and coaching provided by Adam Wiggins, is largely underwritten by Christian business leaders.

These leaders saw the need that existed within pastors, church leaders, and churches, as well as the forward momentum Adam’s training and coaching was bringing, and offered to invest in helping leaders and ministries move forward.

This means for the next six months, leaders and churches can benefit from the support of Integrity Leadership at subsidized rates.

Specific costs would include:

  • Assessment tools: you have a choice between several, and many are free
  • Course materials: based on your needs (for example, a small church struggling to grow might choose to be facilitated through Carey Nieuwhof’s Breaking 200 material)
  • Travel expenses: for on-site facilitation, customized to each location/situation
  • Pay-what-you-can contribution: leaders and churches are asked to contribute what they are able

Note: Integrity Leadership is a collective with primary and secondary partners offering specific areas of expertise. Secondary partners (Get Social, Creative Collective, etc.) can be contacted directly for rates on specialist services.