Our Mission

Our mission is clear: 

We exist to help leaders and churches move forward.

Our vision is to develop and resource leaders and organizations to fulfill the Great Commission. We believe health and growth are inextricably linked. Healthy, growing leaders lead healthy, growing churches.

But what about when a church, like so many in North America, isn’t growing—or even holding ground?

Our team has over 30 years of experience in church planting, leading turn-around churches, and working with churches across denominations and stages of life. We’ve seen it all.

And while we don’t often talk much about organizational health in the church world, there are predictable practices and principles that lead to success in organizations.

We help leaders and churches cut through the noise, push back against the whirlwind, and access the resources that can make a difference by applying best-in-class personal, leadership, and organizational health principles and practices.