Integrity Leadership Pathway

The Integrity Leadership Pathway will guide you through an assessment of your personal and ministry health, provide clarity around the six essential questions for organizations, develop and align staff to the ministry strategy, and help you develop a clear plan of action. 

How does an organization (your church) achieve its purpose?

Your answer might be complex. (Team members, ministries, events, approaches, & more!)

You might even struggle to know where to start.

But if you take a step back from all those moving parts, something crops up over and over again:

healthy, growing leaders
lead healthy, growing churches

We often think about integrity as an ethical or moral principle, but it’s actually “the state of being whole and undivided.” Integrity applies to pretty much everything!

A leader’s personal health and growth are integrated with their leadership health and growth AND the health and growth of the people and organization they lead.

Here’s one way to visualize the principle:

Sorry, it can’t drive itself . . .

The driver (pastor, leader, leadership team) is not a separate entity from the car (church, ministry, organization).

If the driver is impaired in any way, the car is going to take longer to reach its destination (purpose, mission, goals) or not arrive there at all.

That’s why the Integrity Leadership Pathway starts with leadership development:

your personal health and growth as a leader is integral to and integrated into your organization

Our goal is to help you understand your own competencies, challenges, potential, and opportunities for growth. We’re not here to judge or hand out report cards, but to equip you to establish the healthy practices and take the next steps that are right for you.

Next, we focus on the fundamental principles that help organizations thrive and grow. Leading a church is complex, but clarity around direction and strategy can make all the difference.

Back to the illustration: if you think of your church as a car, does it have the mechanical and physical integrity to take you to your preferred destination? Can it meet the demands placed on it?

organizational health—especially in the church—is essential to moving leaders and churches forward

There are recognized leadership and organizational practices that will help your church thrive and grow. We’ll help you get clarity around your direction and understand, access, and implement the strategy and practices that can take your church where it needs to go.

What Integrity Leadership offers is a pathway that facilitates best leadership and organizational practices to enable leaders and churches to continue to move forward toward their God-honouring destination.